Friday, October 11, 2013

Coastal Trail Run's Diablo Run

While Brian and I have done this run the past 2 years, we were not able to do it this year.  We do this run other times during the year on our own, whenever you hear us talking about running to the summit of  Diablo, it's generally via this course.  In fact, Brian was out running on this course the day before this race, and did summit, but came down a different way.
Anyhow, for our out of town friends and family, it gives you a peek at Mitchell Canyon. You can't really tell how steep the climbs/descents are, but you can tell they are there! You've been hearing a lot more about Mitchell Canyon this year since Brian got me my park pass. It is where I have been doing most of my running the past two months. In fact, this week I've done a couple great runs out of this park and have hopes of getting in one more this weekend.
If you look close at the start/finish area, you'll spot that picnic table I sat and read at for 4 hours while Brian did his summit run last week.  : )

P.S. Check out my two guys running Brazen's Rocky Ridge in the second picture down on the Rocky Ridge 5k page!

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  1. I missed you guys here - the turnout was a bit light due to the postponement (which meant I won an age group award by default). I saw a tarantula and made it to the top. And then it started warming up. Sigh…