Thursday, October 3, 2013

Anybody Else Feeling Junky??

I would love to be doing some of the posts I did last week about great runs and fast paces, but that was last week. This week has been different.  Rather than go on and on about how junky I have felt this week, I thought I'd post some pictures from Friday evening's School Carnival.  That's right, people. Before we headed out of town for our awesome weekend, I worked a booth at the kids school carnival. To say these carnivals have changed since I was a kid would be an understatement.  There were inflated obstacle courses, slides, and robot animals in a pen the kids could ride. Yes, you read that last part right. Slightly scary.  There were also lots and lots of game booths, a cake walk, and a stuffed animal walk. I had the golfing, hole-in-0ne booth.

Now would be a good time to thank Brazen Racing for the training on how to set up a pop up tent. I helped set up 6 tents and was one of the few who knew the easiest way to go about it (thanks to Jasmin).Then we moved them to their spots, then carried tables out to each tent, then put all the games together and got organized, then the kids came, and the parents started spending money...big time. You could buy$10 wrist bands good for unlimited bouncy houses, but not good for any booths, which took tickets....lots and lots of tickets.  Then there was food, drinks, shaved ice, face painting...more tickets. I was in awe.  It was a kick butt fundraiser, I can tell ya that much!! Parents were buying tickets left and right.  I cut my kids off at $25 plus a bag of all the quarters in the house, which was about another $15 they at least got to do everything once, and did the face painting and had pina colada shaved ice.  If you looked close at the hotel pictures, you may have noticed Myles with something on his face.  Now ya know.
 Did I mention it was also Crazy Hat Day??
 His favorite animal.
 Emma won a stuffed animal at the animal walk booth. She also won 2 gold fish, which I made her give away. Been there, done that. Not doing it again.

 $5 worth of ice.  It must be special because it makes light shoot out of your head.
 Sophie cake walked twice with no win.
 Don't you wish you left work every Friday this happy?? Flavored ice, blue hair, face painted, bare-foot in the grass??  And the weekend was just getting started!
Sophie won a ring and bracelet before the evening was over.  She didn't win a cake, but the ice made up for it.  Oh, Myles did get a hole-in-one at my booth!! He was so excited!

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  1. I love that you have such great canopy skills! Very valuable! The pictures are great - I want some of that ice that makes light shoot from your head.