Monday, October 7, 2013

Just What the Dr Ordered

This mornings run was yesterday's hike w/the family, but in reverse.  When we hiked it yesterday with the kids, I quickly realized if I ran it in reverse order it would be a great run, lots of single track that is runnable after a few climbs.  Whenever I can string 2 miles together of single track that is totally runnable w/hills that are runnable, it's a success.  It's just hard to find on Diablo. Hard for me anyway, there's lots of people who can run all the mt's hills, but I'm not one of those people.  But I did! After taking a solid week off, today was my restart day.  Also a good time to clean off the white board in the workout room and get back to tracking my daily runs/workouts so I can actually see what the week looked like. Anyhow, this mornings run was beautiful. Sunny, 70 degrees. Lot's of shady single track, and being on the back of the mountain really provides stunning scenes around every turn.  This is a 4.5 mile run with 1037 ft of gain/loss.  Here's a few from this mornings run for you-
 I had a thought when I saw these guys...I'm so glad turkeys are not like geese.  Can you imagine if they turned and chased you trying to bite you like geese?? That would make things really interesting since I see them on nearly every run : )

 This trail come off of Back creek trail and goes to the old Donner Cabin site.

Not a bad place to run, eh?

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