Monday, September 26, 2011

14 Years

One more anniversary related p0st : )

14 years

6 moves

3 kids

Countless good times and memories made......


Ring number 2!!!!The kids also had a special surprise this weekend. After a fun filled weekend we had them open their presents last night. They were trying to act happy with their new running outfits. I had them take the present garbage out to the garbage in the garage....where they spotted their new bikes!!
Sophie and Myles are still on transitional sized bikes (meaning they will outgrow their current size). So while they got nice, new bikes that they are excited about....their bikes are on the more "affordable" side and came from Walmart/Target. Sophie is more concerned with color/style of the bike, whereas Emma is more interested in gears, shocks, ect. Myles is just learning and really just wanted a cool helmet.
Emma's bike, on the other hand, is a size 26. She will be on it till she's an adult most likely. It came from Encina Bike Shop, and really is a nice bike. It has a great warranty and the shop will take great care of it for her when it needs it. They installed her water holder on the top for her and did all the "new bike" stuff they do - putting Slime in the tubes, checking everything, tightening, ect.

In other news....Our legs were really really sore the first half of last week. While we felt surprisingly good the day of the Diablo half, I will admit that the 3 days following it were painful!! So the next 2 weeks are all about supporting Brian in getting ready for his half. He has a goal of.....any guesses??? I doubt anyone would come up with this one, but his goal is to beat Drew Carey's PR half marathon time. Drew was at the Disney Half, which he ran with a broken clavicle in a time of 1:50:54!! Woot!! Who knew Drew was that fast!! So that is the goal, we will see if that changes between now and Oct 9th! He's currently on a long bike ride...

You can see/click the pic's on the left side of the blog for more info, but the kids have a double race weekend that same weekend. They have a 1 mile run on the 8th, which they will all be running solo, at different times (this is a first, we'll see how it goes!) Then on the 9th the kids and I have the Run Forrest Run 5k while Brian is running his half. The girls will stick together for this one. I have given Em strict instructions to stop and smell the flowers for this one - stop and dance when you come to a band, run to the next band, stop and dance again....I just don't want her getting frustrated w/Sophies pace, so I am encouraging her to just have fun and soak in the course - dance, get high fives, hang out at the aid stations....have fun!! It will be Bubba's first 5k ever, and I am not bringing the jogger stroller at all. I am hoping he has a blast and thinks it's totally a race about him since there will be "Bubba" themed stuff everywhere. Like we started off with the girls, I have to do everything possible to make this one fun!!! If it's not a blast, he'll never want to do another one!

So that's what's coming up for us, after the big Long Beach weekend will be Brazens Rocky Ridge, not sure who's doing what distance yet, but that is a yearly race for us, so we will be doing some sort of distance.


  1. Love the garage surprise - so fun! (And that really is a cool helmet.)
    And here's to Brian beating Drew and Bubba having a great time! Rocky Ridge though...I'll be there for the Half but I'm not exactly perky about it - it nearly beat me last year. This year I should be able to bend it to my will. Hopefully.

  2. that does not bolster my confidence for Rocky Ridge!
    Maybe I will stick to the 5k with the kids : )
    or Maybe I will venture far from comfort and have Brian stick w/the kids and solo the many options...who knows, but we will be there for sure.
    Rocky Ridge was Soph's first trail run ever last year, good memories on that course!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Im excited to see how everyone does!