Monday, September 12, 2011

Coastal Trail Runs Diablo Half Marathon

I was finally able to download the elevation profile for our half this Saturday. Looks like fun, no??


  1. [Insert involuntary shudder here] At least all the uphill is in the earlier part of the day. I've never done a course quite like this - I've done that much elevation, but it was broken up between several hills; not all in one steady shot. [Insert second involuntary shudder here]

  2. Oh yes, I officially signed up yesterday. Diane is in for the four miles as well. Danni will be working one of the aid stations we hit (the middle one I think).

    This will be interesting.

    (BTW, we had to put Teddy to sleep yesterday, which nearly derailed this weekend's race. But the distraction of the race might help. Diane finally comes home today.)

  3. Oh...I am so sorry about Teddy. And sorry that Diane is coming home to a 'less full' house, never easy to lose a loved family member!
    There is always something comforting about the trail, so I agree that the distraction may help!
    We look forward to seeing you all!!
    Does Danni do feet rubs??