Friday, September 9, 2011

Pictures, I know, I know.....

Yeah, still haven't gotten up the vaca pictures, but soon, I promise!
I have been busy getting into a groove that does not involve as much computer time!
It has involved two 5 milers, an 8 miler, and 3 Jillian M. workouts ( and a house scrubing from top to bottom)!!! I know that used to be a normal week for me, but it hasn't' been for a while, and it felt great!! Also, lots of water drinking and lean eating!
Last night we picked up our race packets for the WC Festival 5k this Sunday. To my delight, it seemed that most people were picking up bibs for the 10k, not the 5k. Yes, I am still rooting for less competition in my age division. Lets face it, the smaller the race field, the better chance I have. At least I am honest. I will actually be happy with just finishing with a faster time than my Summer Breeze time. So my 1st goal- faster then 29 min....2cd goal - better than 9th in AD, preferably in top 3. To be totally up front, this is a small, home town run. The serious runners do the 10k. Last year, 75% of the 5kers were walkers, if not if I'm ever going to stand a chance, this is the run. But, the reality is it only takes 3 ladies in the 30-34 division who are faster than me, though. Whatever goals I set, I know I always give 110% anyway, regardless of the outcome, and that is what makes a good race for me.
In other news, I picked up a Fuel Belt for the upcoming Diablo half. We had one already that holds two large water bottles and has a large pocket, but I wanted us both to have the ability to carry as much water as possible w/o going the Camel Back route. So, although not a flattering look and it's not my favorite thing to have a fuel belt strapped around my waist, it is somewhat comfortable, and I know I will have water and fuel with me. NTL pointed out that there are two 5 mile sections w/no aid stations, one on the climb up, and the same stretch on the way back down. It is an exposed section, so if we have no cloud cover, it bakes.
One of the reasons we love full marathons is the fear/anticipation/anxiety/excitement of what the day holds and how it will all play out.....I can honestly say I have all those feelings about this upcoming half. It is a completely knew type of race for us. 3420 ft is a lot of elevation gain! It will be an interesting day!!
Keep checking the photo site, I promise to try and get the pics up today!
Pictures are posting now, there are 540, so it'll take about 5 minutes to get them all up.

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