Saturday, September 10, 2011

Goals for Tomorrow

Sometimes I like to see things in writing, helps me to visualize.
Here are a few goals that will play out tomorrow morning -
Sophie is aiming for under 47 minutes.
Emma is aiming for under 33 minutes.
Papa is aiming to push Sophie to have her meet her goal w/o making her cry. Its all about being encouraging while pushing her past what she thinks is her limit...that is his job for tomorrow. Last year I had this duty w/Em, who wanted to hit 30 minutes, you can read about last years WC 5k here.
Beth's (that's me) goal is under 29 minutes, above 9th in her AD.
The families goal is to help Myles have fun and feel included in the excitement.

I am wondering how many of you visualize your race? Do you study course maps and where aid stations are so you can use that as a gauge as to where you are on the course? For instance, I know that tomorrow, when I reach the aid station, I am at 1.8 miles, just a hair over half way. When I reach the turn around I am near 2.3 miles and have under a mile left. When I come back to the aid station, I have to turn left in front of oncoming runners, then it's 2 super fast right turns and the finish. I have it broken down into sections, know that at at the start of each section I need to re-evaluate and make sure I am still pushing as hard as possible, try to surge again at the start of each new section. Sounds like a lot of work and stress....but its not, that's just how my mind works when I am attempting to reach a goal and am not running w/a kid. No music or camera with me tomorrow on the course. I have been finding myself running to the beat, whether it's fast or slower. Don't want that distraction tomorrow.

Ok, well, I feel better now....on w/the evening!

(you know, this whole blogging thing is really for me to get things out of my head....but I appreciate those of you who do read it!)

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