Friday, September 16, 2011


where did today go????
I can't believe tomorrow is almost here.
Anyone else feeling nervous about this one??

I want to go on record that as far as goals for tomorrow go....the one and only goal is to finish. I have never DNF'd, and tomorrow will not be the day it happens! We are thinking between 4 and 5 hours is a reasonable finish time, however, this is our first trail half, and first time tackling this sort of elevation gain, so all bets are off on what is 'reasonable' or not. The two things we know for sure are that we will start....and we will finish.

As if tomorrow wasn't frightening enough, we got our Clayton paper this morning. Guess what starts tomorrow out of Mitchell Canyon, same place as our half?? The yearly tarantula hikes! Yes, tomorrow is the kick off of tarantula season on the mountain, and thus the first evening tour of the season.

As if the elevation wasn't exciting enough. I will be on the look out!

I am stalling on making dinner because after that, the evening flies by and then it'll be tomorrow......but the time has come.


  1. Tomorrow is going to be a blast! And I love that we will be fighting with tarantulas on the trail (better than rattlesnakes, which we have done before, and could also possibly find lurking tomorrow, but I doubt it - the tarantulas would surely have gotten to them all by now).

    You have a 9 hour cutoff. You paid for 9 hours of fun. Get your money's worth I say! (For the record, I'm shooting for 4.5 hours.)

  2. Also, I don't know if you heard but the SF One Day was cancelled, so Endorphin Dude and Ultra Woof will both be doing the Full Marathon instead. Trading a leisurely flat 50K filled with harmless 1 mile loops with a spider-infested, mountain-infested, and scary-infested full marathon on Mt Diablo is a bad trade. Makes what we are doing seem like a breeze by comparison!

  3. For sure a bad trade!
    Maybe we will just make sure we stay behind you and have you clear the trail for us, sounds good to me!

    We were just looking at a map and the list of aid I seeing right that there's only one on the course?? Looks like we hit it twice, at 5 and change and again at 8 and change?

  4. do I sound like a totally spoiled road runner or what??!

  5. I think I did a race with PCTR and there was a bit over 7 miles between aid stations at one point. I think this will be fine as long as it isn't too hot (and it sounds like it won't be). Just make sure your bottles are full when you leave that aid station. Our daughter Danni will be working that station. (Although now that she's heard about the spiders she's not so sure!)

    I'm always amazed at how many runners will try trail races without carrying any water. I'm really starting to get excited about the race. Spiders!

  6. Sorry, but I think you are all sick on this one. Not literally sick (well maybe), but CRAZY! ;)

  7. hee hee hee mom, I thought you would think this was a crazy run, infact, it came up out on the trail that "mom wouldn't be happy if she saw me doing this" will know what I'm talking about when I post the pictures : )
    and it wasn't when I put my hand next to the tarantula so you could see how big it was in the picture : )