Thursday, September 1, 2011

Running Pictures - Summer Breeze 5k

I finally found us in the thousands of pictures the awesome Brazen volunteers took!
Not hard to find Emma, she's always right in the front of the pack. She is wearing my blue top.
I was about 20 people back from the start and thought she was behind me, I didn't realize she was ahead of me!
No fear.

I love this one above of her and the lady next to her sizing each other up, too cute!

Above is our family with my mom (in pink) and a friend/sister/runner.

I realized from the above pictures that Soph and I make the same face when we are tired : )
And also that my husband has amazing legs!

I thought maybe I got off this run w/o any photos being captured, but nope, they got me at the finish.
Dead tired and afraid of passing out before I crossed the finish.
(for those new to the site, I am not the strong runner in blue w/the great stride. I am the tired lady in pink behind her.)

There you have it, Summer Breeze in pictures!

We are heading out of town for the long weekend. We will be here, although it is sold out, so just cheering, no running. The kids don't know.(Em knows but has managed to keep the secret so far)
Because I am a nice blogger and want you to feel some of the's a little ditty to get stuck in your head:

"Its a small world after all, It's a small world after all, It's a small world after all, Its a small, small world".

You know you are still singing in your head : )

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