Friday, September 2, 2011

Mission - Pack

Secretly packing with a 4.9 year old in the house requires skills I probably should not posses.
You know, like sneaking around, lying, hiding things, planning elaborate schemes to keep him occupied and work around him. Maybe watching Spy Kids 100 times paid off!
He thinks Brian just left with Kona to drop him off for a hair cut, but really he's heading to the kennel. He thinks I just started collecting Disney greeting cards, but really inside the card it says "We are going to Disneyland", and Sophie will be reading it after school today. He thinks my room must be really messy because I have been in there cleaning all day, but really I've been packing. He thinks I keep a bag of his favorite food next to my bed and wont share any with him, but its really the kids favorite treats that we keep in the hotel for snacks. He thinks Brian and I really like listening to the 50th Anniversary Disney music disc because we really really love to sing The Tiki Room song and It's a Small World while driving the girls to school in the morning, but really....oh, wait....we actually do love to do that.
4 hours left of pretending I don't actually love sneaking around in my own house, then we blast off!


  1. This is so cool! I hope you are able to pull it off (it sounds like you've got it under control nicely).

    I hate theme parks, but I secretly set up a trip for the family to go to that park north of LA (Magic Mountain?). They had no idea - I don't remember how I managed to get them in the car with packed suitcases - but the idea that I would take them to a theme park never entered their minds.

    Have a great trip, pleasant weather, and short(ish) lines!