Sunday, September 11, 2011

Walnut Festival 5k, 2011

Just popping in to say it was a great morning!
I will do a full recap later when results are posted and I can see how things played out, but as of right now I can report that I had another 29 minute run....the big news is that it was along side Emma!! I hit the turn around and headed back and saw Em about 30 people behind me, maybe 30 seconds back. I was so surprised to see her that close, it was not a hard decision to pull off the side and wait for her. What's 30 or so seconds in the grand scheme of things, anyway?? I knew she was on track to break 30 minutes, and I wanted to be with her when it happened! Once we were together, she gave me a run for my money!! Both girls blew last years times out of the water, and one of the kids got to go up on the podium to receive her age division medal in the awards ceremony! (the other kid got to pick a special lunch spot - Cheesecake Factory, so both girls won!)
And, I take back what I said about this being a "small, hometown race"....that can no longer be said. All the fast locals were out in full force, including the local running groups and teams. For those of you who know Brian C. (the super fast dude who wins all the brazen 10ks), he had a strong run finishing pretty far ahead of anyone else in his predictable 34 minutes. The Forward Motion team took most all the top spots. It was a fast day, and a large race. I saw a few Brazen shirts in the crowd, too!!
There were some timing issues as they were using a new system. It added about 30 seconds to our times on the results, however my watch and the clock at the finish line were perfectly in sync, so that is what we are going with. I will post results, rankings, and pictures, once I see them.

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