Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pictures Don't Do It Justice!

Here are just a few of the pictures of the Diablo 1/2.
There are many more Here.
That's my gear, traveling light!
I have to say this was very comfortable and I didnt' really notice it once we were running.
Ignore the windshield. This is driving into Mitchell Canyon park, you may remember a post last month with pictures of Brian and I running here while my mom was visiting.

All distances started together at 8.

that is looking back down the valley we ran in on, the same valley we would run back out to the finish.

When you run out of valley, the climb begins!

I think somewhere near 4 miles in I spotted a stride and purple gators that could belong to only one person...Allen had started late and still caught us!

above is heading out of the 5 mile aid station, starting the final climb to the summit.
Some technical trail lay ahead.

We did it!! As far as you can possibly go since the stairs to the observation deck are closed! We reached the summit on foot, not by car!! Pretty crazy!!

Allen reached top before us, but we headed back down together. I took this to show how close he was to falling off the Mt.

I saw this and, not knowing if I'd have the chance again, took advantage of being thousands of feet up in the air. I knew it would freak my mom out. There's actually a road a few feet down behind me : )

We refilled bottles at the aid station and kept heading down.

With about 2 miles to go, we saw this!! It was big!!

We finished!!

See what I mean about him having more style and smiles??
He makes this look too easy.
Brian and I look haggard in our finish pics!

Below are 2 Diablo pictures. These are just of the Mountain from a distance for some perspective, not pictures that I took. In one that I did take from the summit looking down, you can see the Mothball fleet in the Delta.

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  1. Wow - great pictures! I totally missed that sign by the visitor center sign. I wished I had taken more pictures along the single-track bits - yours are great! And you two were easily as perky as me when you finished.