Monday, September 12, 2011


The numbers are in, here's how it went down -

Emma and I were #221 and 222 out of 615 runners.
Emma took 3rd in her age division of 8-9 yr olds.
I came in 7th in my age division of 30-34 yr olds. (goal was better than 9th, so I'll take it)
Emma shaved 4 minutes off her 5k time from last years running of this same course, and broke the 30 minute wall, which can be tough to do.
I am still running at 7 minutes over my 5k pr, but 29 minutes is where my 5k is right now, so I'll take it.
The major change this year was that not only did she keep up with my race pace, she was pushing me at the end! (you can read last years post to see how much things have changed!)

Sophie finished in 43 minutes, shaving 4 minutes off of last years time! If you are not a runner, you should know that a 4 minute improvement is huge!
Sophie came in 7th in her division, like mama like daughter!
I am happy to say there were no tears, or near tears on course. I ran out to meet her and ran in with her. I picked a spot near the finish and told her when she hit it to kick and she did! She went all out to the finish line, while I peeled off to the side. She did fall and has a scraped up knee and chin earlier in the run, but no tears. Brian says she ran hard the whole time!

Now that Walnut Festival 5K has upped the anty and is going with a stage and podium and calling you up to take your podium and receive your can believe both girls will be going all out next year again!

we did change in the parking garage and made it to meeting w/time to spare....still sweaty, though.

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