Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're Back! (with an added PS)

We had a great time at Disneyland! We were able to hit all the rides at least once before the park got really packed on Monday. Saturday we had the 5k go right by the hotel, and Sunday we had the half marathon go right down the road our hotel was on. Both started very early with the music being pumped through the area starting at 5 a.m. I will say that I have never seen as big, pretty, or shiny a medal as the Disney Half medal!! It was a beauty. The 5k "medal" on the other hand....well it was foam. Really, it was like a cheap, plastic foam key chain pretending to be a medal. Registration for these Disney races is not cheap and that "medal" was a piece of....well lets just say if it ever came to our house to hang on our medal hook, it would have serious Brazen medal envy!!
It was hard to be there this weekend and see so many runners, walking around w/their race shirts on and medals, and not be a part of it. I have never seen so many Brooks, Mizunos, Sauconys, and Nikes, or fit people (lets be honest, the Disney crowd, well, not known for being athletic in stature) in that park all at once. It was pretty cool.
The kids had a blast, although Myles has developed some ride fear that we aren't used to. He's been going on these rides since he was one, and to be honest, it was annoying. I know I'm a mom and not supposed to say that, but it was. We made him go on everything once, and if he was still terrified, then he didn't have to anymore. One of us sat out or found something else for him to do. Unfortunately, Pirates and Big Thunder were on the scary list. So was World of Color.....after paying $80 for lunch to get good seating for the show, waiting an hour for it to start, and holding him on my shoulders for 15 minutes so he could see....he decided he needed to go potty. He was scared. I'm sure its a phase....please let it be a phase!!
So we are home now and determined to establish some sort of a routine. Things have been pretty hectic/chaotic w/Brian being home since August 1st. My daily routine has been out the window, including workouts and running. I used to have a set schedule that was not negotiable. If something was on the schedule, it happened. Well, I am making it a priority to re-establish the schedule and the mentality it takes to make it happen.
Today I ran 5 with 'the Beast' (if she ever reads this blog and realizes I refer to her as that, she will probably not love it, but I mean it in the best way possible). She is amping up mileage for Portland Marathon in October. I also did my Jillian workout, and to be totally honest it has been a long time since I have done it and it was hard. I know it will come back fast if I stick to it, though.
We have the Walnut Creek Run for Education this Sunday morning before meeting. Hoping its faster than Summer Breeze was, but we will see.
If you've been wondering where the Long Beach pic on the side went, well we dropped that full. The kids are still doing the kids run, and Brian will attack the half marathon, so it's still a go, just not the full. It's just too close to San Fran and neither of us felt ready to amp up training again.
Other than that, nothing on the calendar. We need to get on that. I'm thinking CIM, or maybe Napa again??? Or maybe making a huge switch and doing a trail 26.2, focus on the beauty and the distance, throw time out the window??? Sounds great to me!!
I should have Disney pics up tonight or tomorrow on the photo site.

After reading NTL's comment below, I quickly registered us for the Coastal Trail Run's Diablo Half Marathon Sep 17th. Quickly because if one takes the time to think logically, registering for it would not happen. She sports 3,420 feet of elevation gain, and what goes up must come down, people......that means some serious quad thrashing.
Seriously, though, we have had our eye on this beast for a while. It is in our back yard, we could run to the start from home (although that would be stupid considering the course), and its just too close to not do it.


  1. You are still doing something at Coastal Diablo, right? I'm thinking the Half.

    And come on over from The Dark Side to The Trail Side - way more fun (IMHO), but you just can't care too much about time.

  2. Twist my arm...it really scares me a bit, but we are registered for Coastal Diablo Half. I had to do it right after I read your comment or I would have chickened out!! I will blame you for the pain, and up my daily squats between now and then.
    : )
    as for time, I am finally learning not to let it make or break my day, but maybe that's because I am slowing down lately! I really do enjoy trails much more than anything else, though.