Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In Other News...

Did you know our anniversary was yesterday?? Just Kidding, I have crammed that about as far down down your throat as I could.....moving on.....

So my Tuesday morning runs w/The Beast have been even more brutal than average. The Beast is less than 2 weeks out from running the Portland Marathon and her running is super strong right now. Mine remains average, so there is a notable difference in our strength and pace right now. I hang w/her as long as I can and then beg for her to leave me behind and keep her pace while I stop and lay down along side the trail and pour water over myself. : ) These runs are about to become bi-weekly as the boys start soccer tomorrow. So we will be running Tues and Thurs mornings together...err, starting the runs together, but probably finishing at different times.

Brian continues to kick booty. He runs at the same time as us, but pushes Bubba in the jogger and leaves us both in the dust! He has consistently been running 7-8 minute miles w/the jogger. He ran w/o the jogger following the girls on their new speedy bikes and had a breakthrough run logging multiple miles in the 6 minute range and some dipping down into the 5's!!
Things look good for him, and I have a feeling Drew Carey's time is going down!

Brian needs my comp to dump some new tunes in for our 8 miler tonight, gotta get!


  1. How does he go that fast with the stroller??? That's amazing! Drew has no hope.

  2. 1. Legs of steel.
    2. Ironman jogger stroller-It makes you run faster purely due to the brand.
    3. New phone app that talks to him and tells him to go faster.
    4. Bursts of jet propulsion thanks to his Fiber One bars.

  3. Im thinking it is the jet propulsion that helps the most.
    Awesome job Big Brother!