Friday, September 23, 2011


Every year, it brings a host of changes, most having to do with numbers.
Myles gets another year older, as do I. (one of us is 34, one is 5)
Our marriage gets longer by another year. (we are hitting 14)
Another school year begins. (which makes my girls seem to age overnight)

On the thought of changes.....let me ask you in blogger land....who are Rocky and CeCe??
We have now entered the realm of me being "old" and not knowing half the time who or what the girls are talking about. I had a surreal experience last night of taking the girls to Target to get them new tops for picture day. Suddenly we have entered the reality of having girls who pick out their own stuff and have to "try it on". I am now the mom sitting outside the fitting rooms with 2 girls in there trying things on. ???? When did this happen??? "Are you dressed yet?"..."Yeah, are you?"...."yeah, you come out first"....."no, you come out first"....."Oh my, I love this!! Look, look!! It's a Rocky and CeCe top!!"......"I want to try it with the other jeggings, these aren't comfortable." And just like that my Emma, who isn't into fashion at all, has picked out a leopard print top w/Steven -Tyler style wide, bell bottomed rock star sleeves and sequined jeggings.
Me - "where's your father?" I was expecting him to pass out. I think we both can't believe how fast life is passing by because 1) we can't possibly be parents and have kids this old, and 2)our kids are growing up way to fast. I think last night Em officially entered the "Tween" stage. Scary stuff!!

And now, an oldie but goodie -

This was our second full marathon in March 2010, the Napa Valley Marathon. It was also our PR race for this distance and that PR still stands. At the time, I would have picked this picture apart, but now...1.5 ish years later, it doesn't look so bad! Funny how that works. We had such fun that day, and it truly is a beautiful marathon, and very well organized. Nothing like a weekend in Napa, with no kids, listening to Dean Karnazes speak at the expo to make a great race weekend!
(marathon photo had a deal on digital prints, so I caved and got this one, that is why it's randomly showing up all this time later, if you were wondering)

Ok, well....let the Anniversary weekend begin!! The kids presents are wrapped and sitting out to torture them.....if they only knew what has been hidden out in the garage all week!!! (my secret agent sneaky spy skills have paid off again)

If any Trail Hog runners are reading, have a great run tomorrow, weather should be great!!
I may have a small case of trail envy, but ya know, go...have, really...have a blast.

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  1. Any chance we'll see some full body shots of the new outfits?