Thursday, September 15, 2011

This week.....

Three runs, and three solid workouts!
I am feeling back in a routine, and its great!
I've been flying through my workouts pretty easily, yet my body has been so sore the day after. It's been a good reminder of how fleeting fitness is if you let up at all. 'Use it or lose it' turns out to be a true statement!
Today is the last day of real activity before Saturday. My legs have been a bit sore and tight all week, so I am just doing upper body and abs tomorrow. Today's workout is done (got up at 5), so I just have an easy 5 miler this morning, and that's it for the legs till Saturday.
I am prepping for this half as if it were a full, including the toe prep. (I heard you say "ew!", mom)
My nails (the ones I have left) are nice and short and look like steel. There will be a lot of friction and pressure on the toes with all the downhill. I am actually not as worried about the uphill as I am the down. Uphill is a matter of gutting it out and getting it done. Downhill takes more finesse and self control....or is that just controlled falling??.....anyway, it will be an interesting day for sure!

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