Friday, November 18, 2011

almost time for some nail polish fumes!!

Insanity #2 plyo cardio circuits = DONE
Insanity # 6 Cardio Abs = DONE

Heading to garage to dig out the treadmill and get 5 done.
(its raining and cold and I'm a CA girl, thus the treadmill)


  1. But you are also a trail runner (I've seen the pics), so I know you won't melt. But I understand (the lack of bling for the suffering adds to the attractiveness of the treadmill). Enjoy your nail polish fumes (gag).

  2. i know I know.....(watch how I blame my kid now) but Myles gets soggy in the I just can't run in the rain. : )

  3. Mind you her husband also ran 4 miles in the driving Napa rain. But, yes, I did not have to push Myles.

  4. Husband, mind yourself! Your run wasn't derailed because you got a call to come pick up your 9 year old who threw up in the class garbage can during a test.
    by the way....clean out the garage so I can even see the stupid treadmill!! Where the heck is it?