Friday, November 11, 2011

Today's Insanity -

Today -
Max Interval Plyo #9

If you are curious about Insanity, my opinion is that this is the hardest video. If you dont' enjoy jumping, probably not going to like it. I do enjoy it, and thus love plyometrics as I have said here before.

If you do it after dinner, you may want to puke. There was no hunting for abs after tonights workout as we were all feeling a bit urpee and dizzy.

I should also mention that I am huge on accountability. I know hearing about these workouts is of little interest to most of you, but posting that I did them keeps me accountable.
Sorry if it gets annoying. I would think that by the end of this 60 days I could have zero readers left....but I will have done all my workouts.

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