Monday, November 7, 2011

Day one -

went like this :
Insanity Fit Test

one minute of the following and how many completed-

Switch kicks - 105
Power Jacks (squat jacks) - 53
Power Knees - 84
Power Jumps (jump from a squat, touch knees to elbows) - 40
Globe Jumps(each 1 = 4 jumps) - 14
Suicides (burpees) - 19
PushUp Jacks - 20
Low Plank Obliques (low plank, bring knees to elbows)- 51

This test is repeated every 2 weeks with the goal of seeing all the numbers go up.
There was a warm up before and stretching after.

Followed that with Jillians Ab workout on Hulu.

Followed that with a KILLER 8 mile run. Pushing the double jogger, it took 1:21!! Considering how slow I have been running, that is a great run and I felt amazing!! Todays run was the kind of run that keeps you loving running and coming back for more!

Picked up the kids, came home to a man in the back yard cutting down the Mulberry tree. Brian and I worked our a$$es off trimming it last month, cutting up the limbs, raking and bagging it all....wait till you see the mess I came home to today. I cant' see the yard at all, it's about 5 feet deep in limbs.

The one guy here says he thinks his partner will be back tomorrow to clean up.
I love renting.

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