Friday, November 18, 2011

Bribing Myself

As much as I love working out and is one of those days. Just not feeling it.

I am one of those moms who is a huge fan of bribery....don't judge me. I have 3 kids and am outnumbered and do whatever it takes to make them do what I want! : )

I hit CVS this morning and have a bag of beauty waiting for me (you know, the over 30 stuff - spray tanner, fake lashes, nail polish, nail files, new pluckers for those random hairs that grow in random places once you hit your 30's....getting olders not glamorous, I looked for spackle but couldn't find any).......but I can't even look at the bag until I do 2 rounds of Insanity and a treadmill session.

Also, while running with the Beast yesterday morning, I figured something out. If I "let her" get ahead of me, and then turn around while she's not looking and start heading back before her.....I get to pretend I am in the lead and I have to run fast or she'll catch me. It was great, I had fun playing my game. Made me nervous and have to pee, you when your playing hide and seek and you know your about to be found...that sort of thing. The Beast got to the turn around and waited for me to show up....but I was already heading she waited...and waited....then headed back. No wonder I held my 'lead' till I got back to the car. Just barely, though, she was right behind me on the home stretch....called me some horrible name...I think it was a "butt"...or a "turkey"...can't remember. I plan on using this tactic on all our future runs. I can tell people I run negative splits. I eat her dust the first half, and high tail it back to the car while she's not looking the second half. : ) I am the best running partner ever!!

Ok. well.....time to get my sweat on x 3. Insanity - Run- Insanity. Then I get to get as pretty as a 34 year old stay at home mom of 3 can : )

Have a great weekend, get active and don't hibernate!

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  1. Thank you so much for the comment and WOW that is AMAZING at the weight loss! I still want to lose more so I def will keep up the training! <3