Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unusually Boring, Life is

Nothing super exciting to write about, so thus the lull in posts.
Kids are home all this week.
Garage did get cleaned, although its not finished, I can locate the treadmill.
Insanity is still going strong, if I have missed a day I do two in a row the next day, so I haven't missed any.
Took the kids to the zoo yesterday.
Soph has her first talk tonight.
I thought my battery died in service today. When the brother came w/the jumper cables, he kindly pointed out I had it in drive, not park, and that is why it wouldn't start.
Brian works half a day Wednesday and then is off till Monday and I am so glad!! The kids seem to be at incompatible ages right now.
That's it for now.....


  1. I am completely incapable of letting that jumper cable bit go by without saying something. But I'm not going to compare it to that great Blondestar bit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0nRvqfiqZI), although the guy with the jumper cables might.

  2. That reminds me of a similar story about my daughter when she was 16. I will never forget how excited she was about restoring an old chevy Scottsdale truck for her first vehicle. The first time she drove it to school was so memorable. At home, later that evening she told me the dimmer switch does not work and the lights are stuck on bright. I immediately purchased a dimmer switch for the floor of the old chevy truck and switched it out that same evening. She drove it the next day to school and when home she stated to me that she thought that I had replaced the dimmer switch. I informed her that I had. She stated that it still does not work. I went out and tested it and it worked just fine. I went back into the house to let her know that the lights do switch to dim, and back to bright. She stated that no matter how hard she pushes on it she could not get it to dim. I told her to push harder with her foot and they will dim just fine. She drove it to school the next day. That same day, later that evening when I got home my daughter asked me if I had any idea how hard it is to be driving the curviest road in Castle Rock with one foot trying to push the turn signal switch on the steering column. I had failed to tell her on old trucks the dimmer switch is located on the floor board. TRUE STORY!

  3. hee hee hee....I'm not that bad!

    Brian told me to call aaa and have them bring me out a battery....I would have felt really dumb if I had! (even more dumb than I did)

    I called him after the bro figured it out and told him it wasn't the battery, the whole engine actually fell out on to the ground. He freaked (it is a new car and knowing us, it would happen)...then said no, I just had it in drive, not park.

  4. I was asked to reenact the dimmer switch situation...the spouse found it hard to fathom I could have been so clueless.
    I loved that truck!