Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Friday!

It has been a good week!

It felt great to get back into a routine for sure! There was a lot of working out, a lot of running, a lot of things getting done!

Yesterday involved a run with the Beast. I say 'with' but it was more I hung on for about a mile, then we ran on our own. Bubba and I took a right and swung into downtown WC to check out the ice rink. It is huge, new and improved......but the key component is missing. The new ice making system isn't making the grand opening won't be happening today. Eventually we did run back to the park just in time for Myles soccer class.

Then it was 2 Insanity workouts. Core/Balance, which didn't seem like quite enough of a workout, so I followed it with the fit test again. I didn't' count or write any numbers down, just wanted a few more minutes of intensity, so I did that video again. I should mention my awesome family did these with me. There was an intense round of "I can see my that an ab??" after the workout was done : )

In defense of my not hanging with the Beast, I did push the jogger full of Bubba around the res the evening before, so yeah.

Overall, after the first week of being back in a solid workout/run routine, I feel pretty good. My legs are a little fatigued, but nothing feels off. I ran in my compression sleeves yesterday to help my calves out a bit. My upper back, shoulders, traps, and lats are sore, but good sore. There's a lot of jumping down into push ups, and from push ups back up, and I suspect I feel it.

I should mention that Brian has has a good first week back to work. He likes his new office, people, and job so far. I think the biggest adjustment has been actually driving to work (instead of biking or BARTing) as well as getting home over an hour later than he ever has. Plus this happening when the time changed, he leaves when it's barely light out and gets home well after dark. He's going to have to figure out his fitness routine soon! Whatever it is, it will either have to happen on his lunch break, or in the he's going to have to dig deep to find the motivation/desire to want to do that.

I know a few dudes out there who are attacking some challenging events this weekend. Whether you are Mens Health Urbanathalon-ing this weekend, or PCTR Stinson 25k -ing this weekend....the time has come to get'er done!

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