Sunday, November 27, 2011

Promised Pictures

This is my new favorite running accessory!
The jogger stroller now has bass!
Myles loves having his own sound system.

My new running vest and Brian's arm sleeves which I have taken over for winter.

This is an awesome trail we decided to try out, it's super close to home and a nice change from the paved Iron Horse and/or Canal trails.

We are incredibly spoiled to have all these options w/in a mile of home.

This was last night's 8 mile loop we usually do. It was chilly, but the fog and chimney smoke made it very pretty!

My legs will live in my Zensah Compression sleeves covered w/a wide array of knee highs this winter.

technically not a run, but we did forgo our run on Thursday for ice skating instead.

This was a run earlier in the week.
Why yes, that is a black and gray cheetah print top I am wearing.

And this was another run I did w/o Brian earlier in the week w/the kids.

That about wraps up the runs from the week.

Goals for this week, as the first week of training -
3 mid week runs of 5-8 miles, and a long run this coming weekend.
Brian is running an event this weekend w/the daughter of a friend.
It's her final 5k of her Girls on the Run season, and is in Golden Gate Park in San Fran.
Should feel a bit different than running the never ending miles 12 - 18 of San Fran Marathon through the park!
I'm thinking afterwards we will head down to the beach and run back up to the Conservatory of Flowers, maybe a few laps at Polo field.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week!

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