Sunday, November 6, 2011

random quickies

1 - New York City Marathon is about 4 hours away. Watching this race, snuggled up at home, on a cold day would make for a great Sunday!! If I were going to be home today, that would be my plan. If you are interested, go here for viewing info.

2 - Brazen muddy Trails Challenge this year!!! It rained here (by here, we live by the Mt.) pretty much all yesterday and last night, so the mud should be nice and fresh for you. It is also cold!! Have fun out there today!! I am only a LITTLE bit envious : )

3- Brian's first day at the new job is tomorrow!

4- We are 15ish weeks out from Napa Valley Marathon!

5- 60 days of Insanity starts tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

  1. There was surprisingly little mud to deal with. The streams were all fairly easy to avoid getting wet in (but why?). It was pretty cold though. The worst thing about all the rain was that it washed away most of the flour markings. Missed you guys out there.

    They have a marathon in NYC? (Of course I'm kidding!)