Saturday, November 12, 2011

What??....You Miss Pictures You Say???

Ok, here you go!
In no particular order, other than the first 2 being from about 20 minutes ago following an insane Insanity round of Pure Cardio #5

(yes,I wore socks, I learn quick)

She's the coolest 9 year old I know and basically the only one I like!

The kids and I ran at the res this week.

If you know me, my love of trees, leaves, shade, shadows.....this could not have been more heartbreaking to come home to.
Seriously, there were tears.

Myles and I getting our run on.

We had our Circuit Assembly last weekend.

New road shoes.
I hope you guys know I have to angle just right and flex really hard to take the "new shoes" picture.

This was Warren Miller night.

Some new additions to our entry way!!
I have left these two walls bare since we moved in, and the time had come to officially "move in" and put something up.
To see what those awesome, super cool pictures are of, go here and browse, it's worth it!

Myles is loving Soccer still.

This is at Heather Farms in WC, we sometimes run a loop around the lake at the end of our normal run.

One of our last runs together before he started the new job.

Ok, are you happy now??
I will try to be better about posting pictures, I know that is how most of the fam keeps up with us, so I will try harder!

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