Friday, November 25, 2011

Never Again!!

Lets start off with a happier place and time...

We saw The Muppet movie and loved it!

We took the kids ice skating yesterday evening, they had a blast!

Lets just say he's had more fun Black Friday's than this one.
This is sleeping in the car while mom waited in line to pay at Old Navy for 1.45 hours.
Seriously people???
Who does that at Old Navy?? Apparently hundreds of people.
The icing on the Cake of Irony is that while the kids slept in the car, the radio was running. So when I did finally come out to leave, guess what??
We were in the parking lot of Old Navy at 3 a.m. w/a dead car battery. For real this time.

AAA was there w/in 4 minutes of making the call for a jump, so it wasn't that bad.
Summary of our night -
We left home at 11:30 for Targets 12 a.m. opening. Got coffee at Chevron on the way. Got to Target and it was like the world was ending today and the only way to survive was that you had to be in the Target store at 12 a.m. last night.
No parking.
No parking on the surrounding streets.
A line that wrapped around the store and down into the underground parking structure.
We decided to head to Old Navy because who would go to Old Navy at midnight?? There couldn't possibly be a huge line at Old Navy, it's across town in a older strip mall, sells only clothes, there's no tvs or phones or computers to fight over, just clothes......
it was chaos.
On the way to Old Navy we passed Kohl's and Best Buy and were amazed at the sea of people at both places.

The thing is, once you have waited 30 minutes in a line, you commit to it. I was not getting out of that line for anything. In fact, I was thinking more like, "shoot, if I'm going to wait this long to pay, i should be buying more stuff" and added a few things to my pile as the line wound through the store inching closer to the checkout.
They eventually closed the store around 2:30 because it was just one big line, you couldn't shop at all.

I got back out to the car just before 3, we dealt with the battery situation, then decided to swing by Target and see what the situation was.
It was empty.
We went in and everyone was busy restocking stuff, they still had all the big ticket items that we thought would have been long gone.
We got a few things, and headed home.

The Loot -
Electronic Catch Phrase
Portable Speaker -I can attach it to my phone and Bubba has an instant sound system in the jogger
Blow dryer
Broom and Laundry detergent
Post it tabs
Awesome sasquatch feet slippers
kids clothes
4 running jackets
4 pairs of knee highs
Memories made of our first and LAST black Thi-day!

While we thought doing the 12 am sales this year would be fun, it really wasnt'. We have a great little tradition w/the kids of going to bed early and getting up at 3 to make the 4 am sales and they get super excited and it's so neat to watch them. We took them skating yesterday to wear them out, had dinner and had them in bed by 7, but they were too excited to sleep. They were excited all day yesterday, but were so tired by 1 that they didnt' really enjoy it....and then you just have 2 irritated parents w/3 kids who are trying to sleep, being drug all over town. We will not be doing it this way next year, that is for sure.

I promised Em that after I got a few hours of sleep I would take her to off I go!


  1. Love the slippers! Hollister? I dipped my toes in the shopping madness a couple of years ago (when it was WAY saner than now) and decided then that I wouldn't do it again. And I enjoyed my sleep last night.

    But those slippers are a pretty good prize...

  2. the mall is a mad house, and the parking
    Hollister had nothing, ended up walking the entire mall till she settled on a bathrobe at Sears.
    still have to run and workout and I am dead tired!!